About Us

UAB “VA STATYBA” was established in 2007. It is an innovative company, constantly expanding its business, developing and growing, holding a leading position among the construction companies of the Alytus County for several years.With more than ten years of experience, the company operates in various fields of construction works.It is a company, persevering through challenges, capable of implementing even the most complex project, the main activity of which is design, general construction works, special and cultural heritage management works and general contracting services.Our goal is a satisfied and happy client (customer); therefore we pay great attention to the quality and the deadlines of the works performed. In order to qualitatively and timely implement our customers’ projects, we monitor every stage of works and apply new technologies and innovative solutions.Our company offers the wide spectrum of construction works, ranging from the preparation of the project to the arrangement of the construction completion documents. Our qualified specialists will prepare and get approval for the project, calculate the construction price and frame the schedule of works, and a team of professional staff will implement even the most complex works at any stage of the project.

Why us?

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We started in 2007
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Our activity:

General contracting and project management services

The general contracting service guarantees the customer the construction works, carried out timely and qualitatively, in accordance with the project and building regulations. Our company will assume responsibility for complete set of works from preparation of documents to completion of the whole project. Professional staff will organize even the most complex work processes, our company will solve all the problems you have, saving your time, resources and funds. Our company provides the following general contracting and project management services:
  • Preparation of the construction documents, obtaining of necessary building permits;
  • Design works;
  • Organization and holding of meetings with the subcontractors, designers, representatives of state institutions;
  • Qualification control of the companies employed on the construction site, their compliance with the requirements for completion of foreseen works;
  • Supervision whether the companies operating in the facility satisfy the safety and environmental requirements;
  • Coordination of works at all stages of construction.

Design works (only for the buildings to be built by our company)

Saving the time and money of the customers, we will ensure the timely preparation of projects and obtaining the necessary permits for the buildings to be built by our company. For the implementing of the client’s idea, our qualified specialists will give advice and lend assistance in choosing the best solutions, from your idea to obtaining a construction permit. Our company can prepare:
  • Land plot disposition plans;
  • Technical and working projects of the general architecture and structures of buildings;
  • Communication lines projects;
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning projects;
  • Heat generation and supply projects;
  • Gas pipelines projects;
  • Electrical engineering, electronic communication projects;
  • Security alarm, fire alarm, automation, environmental protection projects;
  • And the other projects you need.

General and special works

In accordance with the construction normative documents, a team of the skilled workers will perform all general and special construction works in a timely and qualitative manner. Saving your time and resources, our specialists will consult and help you to choose the best solutions:
  • Handling of the relief of the construction site, excavation and filling of the foundation pits, spoils, trenches;
  • Digging and filling works for drainage and irrigation systems;
  • Construction and installation of building structures made of reinforced concrete, concrete, metal, masonry, wood, etc.;
  • Installation of waterproof systems, roofs; building of water supply and sewage networks;
  • Installation of water supply and sewage engineering systems of buildings;
  • Building of heat supply networks, installation of heat generating equipment;
  • Installation of heating, ventilation, air conditioning engineering systems of buildings;
  • Laying of oil, gas networks;
  • Installation of gas engineering systems of buildings;
  • Installation of heating, gas, oil or other fuel technological engineering systems;
  • Other similar works.

Demolition and dismantling works

The demolition and dismantling process involves various, sometimes unique disassembling of concrete and metal structures, as well as waste removal from the construction sites and the construction waste processing works; therefore they should be carried out only by a professional team. That’s the kind of team you can expect if you choose UAB “VA STATYBA”. The company’s specialists can carry out the demolition and dismantling works of varying complexity and purpose.
  • For our clients, we offer the wide range of demolition or dismantling services:
  • Professional, prompt and safe demolition of the whole or part of the building;
  • Transportation of construction waste remaining after the demolition or dismantling works;
  • Handling of the territory on completion of the demolition or dismantling works.

Rental of construction machinery and equipment

Regularly developed park of the construction equipment allows us to perform the works of varied complexity in a timely and qualitative manner. We take care of our construction machinery and equipment, and its ideal technical state allows us not only to use it in our facilities, but also to rent it.

UAB “VA STATYBA” offers a wide range of the construction machinery and equipment; not only the construction companies (legal entities), but also natural persons apply for the lease. Saving time and funds of the tenants’ of our equipment, we deliver the rented equipment to the place discussed in the lease agreement in time and in excellent technical condition.